Pizza and a pint.. of mojito

Covent Garden is a pretty safe bet as a venue for catching up with friends. After a mandatory stop in Oxford Street for a quick ‘browse’, I carted my shopping bags (the browse went well) to Covent Garden.

As it was sunny, we chose the restaurant ‘21’ outside on the corner of the main square. 21 serves large, flat, loaded Italian pizzas – with a side of people watching as it’s in such a busy location! Perfect after a shopping trip.

I ate: The pizza ‘Figaro’, topped with Milano salami, parma ham, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, goats cheese, red onion, black olives, and olive oil. YUM.

Afternoon cocktail time was beckoning, so we headed across the square to Brasserie Blanc. This bar is one you can see up overlooking the square but you can’t get to! Eventually we found the stairs up to it. Because it’s set above the noise and crowds below, it’s another good people watching spot. It was sunny, so mojitos were on the cards… they taste like summer!

Wearing: High rise jeans, croche top, vintage necklace, white leather sandals

Classic mojito, strawberry mojito, pimms
The view from the bar

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