Burger and Lobster, Mayfair

Burger and Lobster was FABULOUS. After leaving names on the waiting list (it gets very busy) and going for a glass of wine at a nearby bar, and then returning, I was not disappointed! The restaurant is full of quirks, for instance, they do not have a menu! The staff tend to each table and recite the menu… this isn’t quite as hard as it sounds, as there are only three options: lobster, burger, or lobster roll.

I ate: lobster, obviously! I’m not usually a fan of shellfish, but Burger and Lobster seemed like the best place to change this! You can specify whether you want your lobster steamed or grilled – I chose grilled- and it comes accompanied by your choice of sauce – garlic butter for me. Equipped with an apron and a lobster cracker, I carefully scraped the food from the shell, I think I began to get the technique right by the last mouthful… surface to say, it was a slow process!

I wouldn’t recommend Burger and Lobster as a first date venue, as there isn’t really a delicate way to eat it! Cutlery was accidentally being discarded onto the floor in favour of special lobster tools, and there was the added sound effect of lobster claws being snapped and crunched around me. The apron isn’t really the sexiest garment either. Regardless of all this, I loved the lobster, and I would go there again!

Wearing: White blouse, blue jeans, heeled boots, floral kimono.

Grilled lobster with garlic butter, chips and salad
Looking the part in my apron

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