Getting Dirty

Dirty Martini, Hanover Square, London

Dirty Martini – I don’t know what makes it so dirty, I thought it was rather pleasant actually. Happy Hour is on until 8pm, maybe that’s when things get a bit dirty.

I LOVED my Strawberry & Vanilla Martini – fruity and sweet, I could have downed it in one.

I wasn’t too keen on the Classic Martini. This was my first taste of a classic martini, and it wasn’t what I was expecting! Never one to enjoy the taste of alcohol (I usually go overboard with my cocktail mixers- if you can’t taste the alcohol then it’s a perfect drink). I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t finish my martini, the taste of the alcohol was just too much for me! The student inside of me is weeping.

Contrary to the name, they do serve cocktails other than martinis too. It’s dark and the atmosphere is very chilled out, so I think it would be a good place for a party or cocktail class, as well as being a good place to start off an evening! (But that’s only if you can stand up after finishing your very strong classic martini!)

The Classic Martini, served medium

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