STK, The Strand

I ate: To start – Foie Gras – SO GOOD

For main – STEAK! Medium rare, with béarnaise sauce / Sides – roasted sweet potatoes, slaw, minted peas.

Glammed up and ready for some steak loving, I was excited to try out the ‘best steak ever’ that had been recommended to me – and secretly hoping to do some celeb spotting.

STK has an atmosphere like a classy bar, with tables enclosed in booths, dimmed lighting, and glancing behind me I noticed a DJ posing behind his decks mixing tunes to the oblivious restaurant audience. The atmosphere was loud, but comfortable – mainly due to the bouncy white sofa booths.

Now that you’re hopefully able to picture the place a bit better, I’ll move on to the main event: the food.

The foie gras was served with some sort of bubbly foam placed on top of it. Once I’d stopped making jokes about how someone in the kitchen had spilt the washing up bubbles onto my plate, it was really tasty!

I can’t move on from the starters without mentioning the mini wagu beef burgers! These were unbelievable! Burgers seem like dodgy option for a starter, but if I visit STK again, the wagu mini burgers are definitely what I’m going for!

The main event did not disappoint either. My steak was perfectly cooked and succulent.

STK also delivered with the celeb spotting, as I recognised Lisa Riley (Emmerdale, Strictly Come Dancing) on a nearby table – a cherry on the top of a very glamorous evening!

Wearing: Floral midi skirt, black topshop blouse, black blazer, black heels

The bar area
Foie Gras french toast, Granny Smith apple sauce
Small fillet steak, bearnaise sauce, sweet potato, leaks, peas, slaw

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