The Radley Border

I’ve fallen in love.

After searching for a while, I have finally found THE ONE.

I knew exactly what I wanted in a new bag: a top handle, pockets, a cross body strap. So, as I was browsing the handbag selection in a department store, I glimpsed this one from across the shop, and knew it was the one for me. I had to try it on a few times, and ask the shop assistant to shorten the strap length for me (bag straps are always too long for shorties like me), but it fit all my handbag criteria, and I love it.

My aim was to find a bag that I could use both day and night, and that could fit plenty in it. I think this bag ticks both boxes, especially because I can choose between wearing the long body strap, or tucking it in and just using the top straps for a smarter look.

Radley have a really good collection of bags this season – I’d recommend having a look if you get the chance!

Hello there beautiful
Straps out
Puppy love

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