Borough Market

One of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday is by going for a mooch around London. Last weekend, it was Borough Market.

Borough Market is amazing for food – and a walk through can provide you with all three courses.

The grand entrance

Starter: After entering the market through this entrance, there are stalls offering cheese and meat – and it’s a lot better than your local deli section in Morrisons. Lots of places have tasters of cheese too, which makes things a bit cheaper.

Main: Venturing further in to the market, and not getting sidetracked and lost (as I managed to do a few times) you’ll get to stalls selling street food such as: burgers, indian food, noodles, pulled pork, and pies. Everything looked and smelt really good – I think a few return trips will be needed in order to sample everything!

Desert: This was my favourite part. After passing through the first two sections, make sure you still have room for pudding! Or do what I did, and stock up on treats for later!

The cakes in giant form were particularly impressive – giant cookies, brownies, and meringues. I would have taken a photo of my mega sized brownie – but unfortunately it wasn’t so mega after the two minutes it took for me to devour it.

The market is also surrounded by wine bars, pubs and drink sellers, so there is plenty to see, and plenty of areas to get lost in.

The lesson I have learnt from my visit to Borough Market is: if you’re going, go when you’re VERY hungry, and always save room for a brownie!

If you manage to resist these, you’re doing well
I didn’t manage to – but 100g of it was worth it!
Merengue at the meringues
Too good to eat!
Hanging out at the cake stand 
English crumbly fudge

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