Golden Bee, Shoreditch

Last weekend I ventured to Shoreditch – so trendy, I know.

First we went to Barrio East on Shoreditch High Street. With a camper van in the corner and a trailer-like thing by the window, I felt like I had stepped into some sort of Latin hippy beach shack. It was so colourful and bright inside – I think it would perk you up even if you went there on the coldest winter’s day! It was great for casual drinks, and at night there’s a dance floor for when things get a bit more serious.

Happy Hour is until 8pm, where it’s half price on selected cocktails.

As we were wandering back towards Old Street station, our eyes were drawn upwards towards the open rooftop of the Golden Bee. From the road all you can see is balloons and trees! So we knew we had to check it out…

The Golden Bee was buzzing on a Saturday night. It really was a hive of activity.

It’s a good meeting spot to have a few drinks before heading for a night out, or if you just want a few chilled-out bevvys and a catch up with friends. There was a full spectrum of people there for different occasions, from girls dressed up to the nines for a birthday bash, to another girl looking slightly more relaxed in her wellies.

Heaters were dotted around the patio space, and there was even a stylish open fire to relax around. I left the Golden Bee around 9pm, but I think it would be fun later on when it gets dark. There’s a dance floor on the ground floor, so you wouldn’t even have to leave to move on!

I wore: floral midi skirt, white crop top, white leather sandals

Cocktails: Hula Colada, Samba Smash, Classic Mojito, Papa Don’t Peach
Cocktail summer garden
Shoreditch sea front?
THE Golden Bee
We’re on fire
Queen Bees

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