Glastonbury 2014 Day 1 – 3 highlights

Glastonbury this year was incredible. Despite the constant showers and the thunder storm, the music was great and the cider kept on flowing.


We had a slight problem with our tent – namely a muddy puddle forming in the middle of it during one of the hail stone downpours. But the acts that we saw more than made up for it. My favourites were: Arcade Fire, Haim, Bombay Bicycle Club, Lucy Rose, Kasabian, and I got a bit emotional during Dolly Parton!

With the risk of living the whole festival through my camera lens, I managed to take a few snaps – the best ones are here!

Nestling down to it

The first two days give you a chance to acclimatise to the surroundings and settle into the Glastonbury atmosphere before the music starts. For me and my friends, this many consisted of roaming around drinking cider and dipping in and out of different dance tents.

Hiding out with Ciara, Matt and Gemma

In between the showers on the second day, we made a beeline to the Green Fields area to find Yoko Ono’s ‘Peace Tower’ project. We scribbled out our wishes onto paper tags and tied them to Yoko’s wishing tree. The wishes will later be taken to Iceland and placed in her Peace Tower memorial to John Lennon.

My wish was for no more forest fires (very obscure), Gemma wanted same-sex marriage, Ciara wants the world to keep it’s originality, and Matt apparently thinks everything is perfect with the world because he didn’t make a wish! (You’ve been named and shamed Matt!) World issues were on the front of the card, and personal wishes were on the back.

We did wonder how our wishes were holding up a bit later on when the sky had turned black and water was pouring from it… or maybe my wish had worked and the rain was extinguishing a forest fire somewhere in Somerset.

The wishing tree
Tying up our wishes
My personal wish, deep stuff

We were able to practise our circus skills in the Green Fields area. I like to show off with my hula hooping, and to my surprise, I’m not alone in this – my friends have hula skills too! Matt even held three hoops up at one point, and then spun one around his neck. It didn’t look quite as good as it does on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, but still impressive none the less.

Doing my thing
Great hip action Matt

Being at a festival means you can try out some ‘face decoration’. For me this meant customising my face with a different coloured bindhi spot each day, and applying stickers and glitter in the evenings. Gemma kindly allowed me to scribble on her face one day. Not my finest work – but at Glastonbury anything goes!

Glitter babe, looking fab

Friday was kicked off by Blondie, and drawn to a close by Arcade Fire.

Arcade Fire were one of my favourite acts of the weekend. They sounded incredible, the production was vibrant and ever-changing, and we had a good view of the stage. A standard view in a crowd for me is being able to see the shoulders of the taller person in front of me, so seeing the band makes a BIG difference.

We went to the Stone Circle on one of the nights. This is a really chilled-out area on the hill where you can chat, relax and smoke away from the craziness of the rest of the festival. We made the most of sitting down on the ground around a candle before the grass diminished to mud.

Candle’s burning, draw nearer

The worst of the rain and the thunderstorm occurred on Friday. One minute we were happily waiting for Foster the People to play, and the next we were panicking that we might get struck by lightening! For some reason, our high-tech £24 tent didn’t withstand the rain. Luckily, bin bags and duct tape saved the day, and the puddle in the middle of the tent began to dry out.

Ciara working her tent magic

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