Glastonbury 2014 Days 4 and 5 highlights

By Saturday, we were well and truly in the Glastonbury bubble.

During the day we swayed to the etherial tones of Lana Del Rey, and in the evening we watched Metallica from afar (before leaving to see MGMT wooooops).

Not a shower in sight (but you can see the Pyramid stage)

Sunday had the best line-up of the weekend, which put us in an awkward position over which acts we would see. Choosing between Kasabian or London Grammar in the evening was like deciding if you want pizza or pasta at Zizzi’s – it requires A LOT of thought.

Luckily, we had a few days to ponder this conundrum, and in the meantime, enjoyed seeing Bombay Bicycle Club and The Kooks. I had to sacrifice seeing Ellie Goulding because she clashed with The Black Keys, but watching them as the sun set on Sunday was amazing.

The nightlife at Glastonbury is overwhelming – when the music finishes, the night has still only just begun! At this point it wasn’t too muddy, so you could still pick your feet up to dance – what a luxury.

We saw a Disclosure DJ set at Arcadia (that’s the giant spider-esque robot that shoots fire) which was rounded up by an unexpected firework display. Buzzzzzing.

Beam me up

Shangri-La was also as wild as we had hoped and remembered…..

….But not as wild as Kasabian! We secured a space at the front of the crowd and were presented with skull masks to make us feel extra special.


It seemed like a really good idea to be right at the front – two people from the barrier, to be precise. That was – right up until Kasabian came on stage. It suddenly became blatantly obvious that it was only men around us at the front, who, to the cue of Kasabian, pushed forward, jumped up and crashed into each other, squashing me and my petite and dainty friends into the sweaty and large backs of their fellow men.

Needless to say, less than 30 seconds into the first song (bumblebee) we had attracted the attention of the security men, and I had managed to part the two rows of sweaty men in front of me to get to the front. I put my arms around the neck of a security guard, who swiftly plucked me from the crowd and lifted me to the stage side of the barrier, and then one by one dragged each of my friends over too.

We had to be escorted from the front of the stage by security. Running along the front of the crowd between the barrier and the stage of the Pyramid, smiling to finally have some air and be rid of the sweaty men around me was definitely a highlight of the weekend! But I think we have learnt our lesson for next time – don’t rush to the front when Kasabian are playing!!

Before the broken toes and the moshing

By the end of the weekend, we had just about dried out from the rain, and had to leave the magical and mud-filled farm to head back to reality. I think the Glastonbury blues were starting to set in before I’d even reached home, and I couldn’t wait to get back to a clean toilet and flat, non-slippery ground to walk on that didn’t require wellies.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Thank you Glastonbury – you were amazing.

Here’s to a fantastic time

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