British Summer Time Festival, Hyde Park

Months ago when I booked tickets to see McBusted, little did I know there would be so much more to the day! Hyde Park had been transformed into a festival ground complete with different stages, bands, rides, food stalls and bars.

London tropics?

Me and Harriet – McBusted’s no.1 fans!
Mojito time…

During the day we saw Scouting For Girls, The Vamps, Wheatus (teenage dirtbag anyone?)  and The Backstreet Boys. Neon Jungle also played somewhere, but we already had so much to see! It was poptastic.

There was even a steel drum band there, entertaining us with their steel version of Pharell’s ‘Happy’. What a treat for the ears.

Steeling my heart away

We were spoilt for choice when it came to food, as there were food stalls and vans everywhere. We opted for ostrich burgers with Jack Daniel’s fried onions, chilli mayonnaise and a rocket garnish. The ostrich burger only had 111 calories in it – who knew that ostrich was so healthy!?

Al fresco ostrich

And finally – it was time for the main event: McBusted!

I’m not ashamed to say that Mcfly are one of my favourite bands. They were one of the first bands I got into, so listening to them now brings with it a fun sense of nostalgia. Not to mention the fact that they are now very good looking… and often play topless (as drummer Harry did on this occasion) YUM.

Smokin’ hot

They descended to the stage in a ‘Back to the Future’ style car, and played videos in between a few of their songs. I’ve seen Mcfly play a few times, so I know how good they are live! At one point, they tricked us by moving to a stage in the shape of a space ship and playing in the middle of the crowd. They did this to play Star Girl… ingenious.

Being the summer, it did rain during their performance, but the side effect of this was a bright rainbow stretching over the stage. It was beautiful, and happened to coincide with the song ‘Five Colours in her Hair’. McBusted were very impressed with this, and stopped to draw our attention to it.

I was a bit disappointed at the set list, because they seemed to play so many more Busted songs than Mcfly songs! As Mcfly have been around for over 10 years, whereas Busted only had a few hits before splitting up, I didn’t think this was very fair! Hopefully when I see them again there will be more of a balance in terms of their songs.

intergalactical frisbee

It was a great day out, and it really didn’t feel like we were in central London!

Different acts played at the venue in Hyde Park every day last week, including: Arcade Fire, Jake Bugg, Black Sabbath, The Libertines, Tom Odell, Lucy Rose, Tom Jones and Boyzone – hopefully they will all be back in 2015!


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