Inside The Savoy!

I just love it when a birthday comes around in my family – another excuse to go for a slap-up meal! George’s birthday was no exception, and brought with it the opportunity for a sneak peak inside one of London’s top hotels.

I have to confess – I was not a Savoy virgin in this instance, as I have been lucky enough to go for drinks in the Beaufort Bar there before. AND ITS AMAZING.

Feeling savvy

I started planning my outfit weeks in advance of our lunch reservation at Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill. In the end, I settled for a classic white dress, Radley bag and black peep toe boots.

Kaspar’s is the restaurant at the back of The Savoy, overlooking the river. This means that you have to walk through the Thames Foyer, which is the main room in the middle of the hotel. At the time, this was full of women in floral outfits sipping their afternoon tea and munching on fancy looking cakes.

In contrast to this light ballroom-esque room, Kaspar’s is set down a few steps and furnished in a darker art deco style. It has a grand bar in the middle, and booths and tables set around the outside.

the steps from the entrance
the seafood bar and glass ice sculptures
Birthday champers

It took me a while to decide what to eat, as there are so many options! It’s a seafood restaurant, but there are some non-fishy options too, such as wiener schnitzel, beef bourguignon, a burger, and lamb.

I ate: Kaspar’s chopped salad with Cornish crab to start. This was a nice light option, it didn’t take long to eat… because as you can see – there wasn’t much crab on it!

salad days

The scallops were a popular choice in my family – and I can see why! This is a pan-roasted diver scallop with tomato verbena jam. I don’t like scallops that much, so I didn’t taste them, but I was informed that they were delicious.


Main course: Dover sole with brown butter caper sauce.  I can honestly say that this was the best dover sole I’ve ever had – and I’ve eaten a lot of soles in my time, so to speak. I had chips and asparagus as side orders, but I was too full to eat these! The dover sole was perfect on it’s own.

sole perfection

According to the waiter, this is one of the most popular items on the menu – it’s Kaspar’s lobster club sandwich. I could do with one of these right now.

fill me up

And then shared a chocolate fondant with caramel ice cream and hazelnuts. You can never go wrong with a fondant. Yummmm….


A little birdy must have told the resturant that it was someone’s birthday, because at the end of the meal, they presented George with this:

(it says ‘Happy Birthday’ on the big one!)
Who needs birthday cake when you can have this!?

They were strawberry flavoured chocolate truffles on a stick… and even when I didn’t think I had any room left at the end of the meal, I surprised myself by still managing to eat two of them! They were a good alternative to a cake…

My dress was feeling a lot tighter by the end of the afternoon than it did at the beginning of the day, but it was so necessary. The meal was rounded off by me strutting back out of the Savoy as if I was on a catwalk – again, completely necessary!


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