The secret Flat Iron

Going out for steak is always a bit controversial in my friendship group – they’re more of a burger loving gang. So when my Uni friend Nik suggested going to Flat Iron for something to eat I jumped at the chance. We headed out to Tottenham Court Road where we knew Flat Iron was – but we walked right past it, and then stumbled upon it as we doubled back. As you can see – you wouldn’t know it was a restaurant!

Hidden treasure

The interior was very rustic looking – a sort of cross between a tavern and a converted barn maybe? It wasn’t very busy for a saturday night (probably because nobody could find it).

Floating plants…
At school?

The little stools are very cute looking, but not so practical for a nice meal. I nearly fell off mine twice, but luckily managed to stop myself before colliding with the wall next to me… I imagine that lot of people must have toppled from their stools  into the laps of the diners next to them! I soon made a bit of a discovery as we were reading the menu – Nik had NEVER had steak before! Luckily, Flat Iron is a great place for a first timer. Once the waitress had run through what every sauce was on the menu for Nik (béarnaise, peppercorn, horseradish cream, Fred’s tomato sauce) we finally ordered.

Salty popcorn
Cocktail time

We were served popcorn in a cup to pick at while we were looking at the cocktail menu. I had a Sloe and Strawberry Bellini and Nik went for the Caipirinha. The steak was beautiful – really tender and easy to cut (or that might have been down to the size of the knife provided?) And I really enjoyed the dripping cooked chips, you can’t go wrong with steak and chips! We also ordered a side dish of roast aubergine so we felt a bit healthier, although I’m pretty sure this was topped with melted parmesan… so I think we failed at being healthy. Nik really enjoyed his steak. He didn’t have any other steak experience to compare it to, but I assured him that it was good!

Happy steak convert – Nik
Cocktails, steak and chips…

We both had béarnaise sauce with our steaks, and they were served on a hot stone with a side salad. We were advised to order our steaks medium rare, and they were prefect. I really enjoyed the food here and I liked the simplicity of it. There was only really one option on the menu… the house steak. (Or, if you wanted to pay a bit more you could opt for the wagu steak.) It was really good, but I don’t think you’d need to come here more than a couple of times to really experience it! Having said that, the steak was so good that I would definitely come again.

Complete with béarnaise sauce

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