Saturday Morning Bounce

When I’ve mentioned to anyone that I went to a trampolining party at the weekend, they’ve just laughed, not really understanding what I’ve been talking about.

But, the trampoline park in Guildford was actually so much fun – and as I found out, a great detox for a Saturday morning after a big Friday night.


There’s a few things to do there, and you book yourself in for an hour session. There is a foam pit for somersaulting in to, a dodgeball area, basketball hoops, and my favourite: a large ‘free jump’ area.

I went for my friend Becka’s birthday… and we felt like big kids. We practised our somersaults and diving techniques into the foam pit, and attacked Becka with balls in the dodgeball area. I liked the free bouncing bit just for jumping around and having fun.

Chloe choosing where to jump
Bouncing basketball… harder than it looks!
Dodgeball… or just attack each other
So much foam!

Little did I know, that trampolining is actually quite good exercise for staying fit. It’s low impact and doesn’t hurt your joints, and it’s good for toning, making your legs stronger, and improving your balance.

I found out that you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour, and 10 minutes on a trampoline burns as many calories as 30 minutes jogging. Why didn’t I know this before!?

It was a hot day and I kept needing to stop for water breaks, but I did feel quite energised afterwards.

I think an hour was definitely long enough for a session, because there’s only so long you can jump up and down for. I didn’t feel like I was 1000 calories lighter, but I still used this as an excuse for birthday cake later!

I wish that this place existed when I was younger and still threw parties at school… I once had a trampolining party with my friends where there was just one trampoline for all of us to take turns on – after experiencing a trampoline park I can’t help feeling that my younger self was cheated!

Are you looking at my third leg?
Jumping for joy.. impressive

You could literally bounce off the walls at the sides of the free jump area, and jump between the trampolines and up ramps. There were a lot of kids there, but as it wasn’t too busy this didn’t really matter. We didn’t have to intimidate any of them out of the foam pit, and a pack of 11-year-old boys still thrashed us at dodgeball.

I think I’ll definitely go back soon to do an exercise class there… bouncing is too fun to count as exercise!

Birthday gang, so street

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