Meat and lots of Liquor

Whenever I’ve had conversations about places to eat in London – which is pretty much unavoidable if you’re talking to me – the place that always seems to crop up is Meat Liquor. I’ve seen Instagrams and tweets of the food, and lots of ‘check-ins’ there on Facebook. I think I’ve just been more aware of it since knowing what it was, so I was excited to try it.

Meat Liquor is another restaurant disguised as a bar, and this time, quite a grimey, dark, graffitied bar. (And for the record, I like grimey!) It’s all located on street level, but from the inside you really feel like you are underground.

It took me a while to adjust to the darkness as I came in from the sunny London street. But, as my eyes adjusted, I made out a bar area at the back, and a busy eating area in front of me.

Liquor me

I went with Gemma and Charley after work one night. The bar area was nice, it didn’t really feel like you were in a restaurant, and the drinks menu was twice as long as the food menu! I had a Louisiana Jam served in a jam jar – delicious. It had apricot jam, fresh lime and mint leaves in it… mmmm.

No light petting, no freebies, no dickheads…
Feeling jammy

There was an eating bar with high stools surrounding the inner section of the restaurant, but I don’t think this would have been very practical with three of us – and fortunately, we were sat at a round table.

The tables were almost too small for the food, which comes on trays (not plates) but this just made it cosy.

And finally, the burgers were incredible. I had a cheese burger (cheese, red onions, pickles, lettuce, mustard, ketchup), the others had bacon cheese burgers, and we shared chips. It was so good, and I especially liked the shredded lettuce (I think it was lettuce) on the bottom of the burger!

Silver tray service
Who needs napkins? no frills spared
Liquor lovers – me and Charley

Meat Liquor is definitely an experience. The food was really good, but I think it’s also worth going just to witness the décor and surroundings. It’s not somewhere you would take your grandparents, but it’s good in a small group for a cocktail and a burger after work or after you’ve been shopping.

My favourite quote of the evening was from Gemma, who said: “It kind of looks like a slaughter house.”

And this does sum it up to some extent. Once she’d said it, I did notice the red lighting casting a warm hue over the room, (hence why all my photos are red) and also the red paint strokes on the black walls. However, the restaurant isn’t quite that morbid or shocking, and you just feel like you’re in a gothic bar.

I would go again because the combination of burgers and cocktails was so good, but I had heard a lot about Meat Liquor and I was expecting big things – so although it was good, it wasn’t overwhelming. Was it ruined by the hype?

No restaurant is complete without a photobooth
Meat anarchy

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