Clarins ‘My Pink’ Lip Balm Crayon

I’ve heard so much about these lip crayons, that I really needed to try them for myself.


The ‘My Pink’ crayon is specially formulated to adapt to the colour of your lips. The sensitive pigments react with the pH in your lips to create a unique shade, meaning that it will be a different colour on everyone, depending on the colour of your lips!

This technology seems a bit unbelievable really – how can a lip gloss sense what colour your lips are, and then tailor itself to compliment your colouring, meaning that it’s a different colour on you than it is on your very tanned best friend!? I wouldn’t believe this capability until I had seen it, and also tested it on others to see the difference.

Well, I think the answer is that it’s very subtle. On me, the ‘My Pink’ is glossy, with barely a hint of colour there. Does this mean that my lips are a perfect colour already and the crayon feels it can do no more?

I think I was expecting a magical change – where I would apply it and then watch in the mirror as my lips transformed into the exact shade that I’ve always wanted to create.

Unfortunately, no such magic occurred.

Having said that, it is very flattering and natural looking. It sort of enhances my lip colour slightly and makes my lips look supple and glossy. Plus… it smells like candy floss.


I’m a big fan of lip crayons in general. I have a good collection of Clinique Chubby Sticks – one for every occasion. The thing I like about them, is that they are very subtle. They add a hint of natural looking colour to my lips, aren’t sticky, and last a while.

You can buy Clinique ‘Intense’ Chubby Sticks which offer more sheer coverage, but I like the natural look of the normal chubby sticks. I don’t wear lipstick often, due to my fear of it wearing off the middle of my lips after a while, and leaving me walking around with it just on the very edges of my lips (this has happened many times before!)

Lip Crayons aren’t sticky like lip glosses, they are smooth when applied, so they feel more like a luxury and long lasting version of vaseline.

They also gradually wear off over time, so you are left with a nice stain on your lips, rather than just a line of colour around the edges of your mouth.

The Clarins ‘My Pink’ comes with a companion lip crayon in a bolder shade. This is great if you want something more striking for an occasion or at night.

The ‘My Pink’ makes you feel expensive, and it’s fun, because you’re literally drawing on your lips with a crayon. I’m not quite sold yet on it’s elusive colour changing abilities – but maybe I will see more of a difference when I know more people who are wearing it – who knows!





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