Camden Beach

“Camden beach? There’s no beach in Camden!” Is the standard response I have had from anyone who has asked me what I did last weekend.

But, actually, there is a beach, and it’s there until the 23rd August. The beach is located in the Roundhouse, and the summer setting is complete with deck chairs, beach huts, palm trees, and importantly, beach bars.

The ‘beach’

It is an unexpected place for a beach, and actually, it isn’t really a beach.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, a beach is defined as ‘A pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high and low water marks.’ As there is no water’s edge inside the Roundhouse, it should really be renamed as ‘Camden sand’ or ‘Camden sandy outdoor area with no water’. But I guess these don’t really have the appeal as ‘Camden beach’!

We shared a jug full of mojito (I’ve never had it in a jug before – I’ve been missing out!) and we settled down on the sand in the sun. I went with Zoe, Jo, Gemma and Charley, my friends from Thailand, and it was a bit different to the scenic white beaches of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui that we have experienced.

Camden Beach was a really nice spot to chill on a sunny afternoon. There was one couple there in swimsuits, but they were the only ones.

“There’s a spade in my drink”
beach balls aka cushions

Ironically, the problem with the beach was the sand. Jo was wearing white jeans, which don’t mix too well with sand, and she was worried about getting a very sandy bottom. Luckily, using my practical knowledge acquired from Glastonbury festival on the different ways to sit on the ground without getting muddy, I suggested we get beach balls, deflate them, and then sit on the material. If that’s not a life-hack, I don’t know what is! And it saved us from having to brush the sand from each other’s bottoms.

The clear waters of Camden

After draining the jug, we wandered down to Camden market to track down some food. We ended up with grilled chicken and salad wraps, YUM.

We then went to The Lockside Lounge overlooking the market and ordered some celebratory proseco. It’s always a good idea to celebrate the fact that it’s the weekend.

It was a beautiful evening, and we all had a great day. An afternoon on the beach and then drinks at a bar by the waterside… it doesn’t even sound like London!




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