The Book Club, Shoreditch

Spending your Saturday night at a book club doesn’t sound very trendy, but when it’s in Shoreditch you know that there’s so much more to it than that.

It’s a standard Shoreditch venue – a bar that turns a bit dancey as it gets later. I went for my friend Ciara’s birthday, and it was a great place to go in a big group.

When I go out with my lot, we can’t seem to hold back when it comes to showing off with our dance moves. We weren’t the only people dancing, but we were the only ones going all out and bumping into the poor people around us.

The ceiling downstairs is cool, I think it’s made from light bulbs. It’s a stylish feature, but none of the bulbs actually lit up! In hindsight that was probably a good thing – otherwise it might have been a bit too bright down there, and I didn’t have my sunglasses with me.

The bar ceiling
Can you tell they’re bulbs?

Upstairs is a different story. It’s sort of a kitchen dining room crossed with a quirky café. There was a ping pong table at one side and a collection of mismatched tables and chairs in the middle.

I didn’t see any books, but the room still gave the impression of being a comfortable place to go if you wanted to read during the day.

Unusually, I don’t have any photos of my cocktails from the night. But they were good – and I’ll leave it for you to imagine what they looked like.

I wore: black lace bralet, coral and floral midi skirt, topshop flatform sandals, gold hoop earrings.

The writing’s on the wall





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