Earlham Street Clubhouse, Covent Garden

Where do you go when a friend is visiting from America and you just want somewhere casual to hang out that serves cocktails and pizzas? Earlham Street Clubhouse is your answer.

Welcomed by a mermaid

The American theme of Earlham Street Clubhouse comes from the fact that it’s modelled on an East Coast beach club. The interior is almost entirely wooden and the walls are tiled with an array of signs and photos, that I can only describe as being more classy than the similar decor in TGIs.

There was a jukebox next to our table, and we could see menus swinging from the ceiling by the bar. We had a table in the bar area with some very slouchy easy chairs around it. I think there were some more secluded booths around the corner, but it was nice to be in the bar atmosphere.

TGI’s eat your heart out
Not a shortage of menus…
Rollin’ with the homies

We started off with a cocktail, which was very appropriately named, ‘Rolling with the homies’ (Clueless anyone?) It was made from peach and strawberry puree, and fresh lemon topped with mint.

The pizza menu is very easy to negotiate if you’ve had a few drinks. You can choose any pizza, and decide whether you want it to be a 12 inch personal one or a 20 inch one to share. If you choose a 20 inch one, you can have the ‘Ross and Rachel’ (love the name!) where you have half and half of two pizza options. Charley was tempted to get a 20 incher just for himself, but he thought better of this in the end!

I had the ‘Vincent Vega’ pizza, which was topped with black olives and basil. It was meant to have meaty toppings too but the chef seemed to have forgotten this. The other pizzas looked great… Gemma and American Alex had the ‘Happy Gilmore’ with San Daniele Prosciutto and rocket.

No meat in sight
Pizza heaven

Alex was the lucky one – he’d come all the way from America to experience an American style bar in London. He probably sees jukeboxes and truck signs on the walls all the time! It was a fun evening though, and a nice treat after work.

The pizzas were good, but the cocktails were better, and I think I would go there again just for drinks!

Rollin with my homies

I wore – Floral monochrome blazer from the M&S collection


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