The Hummingbird Bakery

Known for their red velvet cake and fancy cupcakes, Hummingbird Bakery has a delectable variety of sweet things on offer.

It’s a bakery cafe – which is perfect for popping in for a coffee and a cake, or for buying some treats to save for later (or to do both!)

It’s worth going in just to do some cake spotting. It’s really hard to choose which cake to have as there are so many, so it’s probably worth a few visits!

It’s a piece of cake
Red Velvet Cake – worth a try?

There are cakes to choose a slice of, or there are lots of individual cupcakes. The cake slices were really big and looked lovely, but I was more tempted by the cupcakes. I think if I went again I would definitely have to try some of the bestselling Red Velvet cake.

Let me eat cake

I chose a chocolate and banana cupcake – this is one of my favourite flavour combinations. It was difficult not to take a bite there and then to try it, but we ordered our cakes to take away because we were in a bit of a rush.

We did however only make it as far as the train home before starting to dig in!

Chocolate and banana

There was a seating area there but it was very limited. It consisted of a bar with high stools and one or two tables. There may have been more seating upstairs but we didn’t venture this far. It did look really nice to sit there with a hot drink and a cake – I’ll definitely have to go back and do this!

Our cakes came in really cute boxes. The ‘Vibrant Rainbow’ cake, ‘Chocolate Malt’ cake and the chocolate brownie were also hits with my friends. I tried to steal a piece to try, but the cakes were so good that they were all very protective over them!

All boxed up
Taste the rainbow
Looking at this malt cake makes me hungry

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