Coq d’Argent

I went to Coq d’Argent for a drink after work, and I have to say, I was impressed.

It’s a bar and restaurant in the business district of London, and most of the other people there seemed to have stopped by after work.

The entrance is very unassuming because it’s just a lift door, but when you’ve been elevated onto the roof it’s completely different.

Don’t look at the sky, I promise it was sunny!
Spot the cranes
The secret garden

There’s an inner patio area with a bar, and an archway leading outside to the rooftop garden, which is the most impressive area. The rooftop is lined with immaculate hedges and has a grassy area to stand and sip drinks in – but the best part about it is the view.

The view is amazing: you can see all the major landmarks, including the Shard, St Paul’s, and the Gherkin. There were also quite a few cranes to one side of the building, but I tried to  ignore them and focus on the landmarks!

London in disguise?

After gawping at the view for a while we headed back onto the terrace to sit down. This was still outside, but there was more foliage about and umbrellas to make it a bit more cosy. It didn’t feel like we were in London – I felt like I was on holiday!


I had a mojito (so predictable). Inside, the restaurant looked quite classy, and as it’s a good place to dress up for I think it would be a nice place for a birthday or a celebration.



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