Beach bumming in Marbella

As most of my friends know, I go to Spain with my family almost every year to stay – so this post is for those of you who think it’s about time you knew what I did out there!

I got back from Spain last week, and it was a lovely relaxing break and gave me a good chance to catch up with my family. In a nutshell, the holiday usually consists of cocktails on the beach, tanning, and eating lots in the evenings… perfect for a beach bum like me!

Yoga time

We stay at the Costalita development, which is in between San Pedro and Estepona on the Costa Del Sol. The weather is usually between 25 and 30 degrees at the beginning of September, and the apartment is a short walk to the beach.

001 (2)
The Costalita apartments… complete with gardens and a pool

On one of the first afternoons we went for a walk up the beach to the Salduna Beach Bar and Restaurant. The beach was so hot! And most people there seemed to be fishing… but I didn’t see anyone catch anything. I had a well-needed mojito and the beach bar and we sat back and watched the waves.

006 (2)
My favourite
002 (2)
Being a lifeguard must be such a tough job….

There are some amazing restaurants around Marbella, all in picturesque settings where just visiting them once is never enough. I use the holiday as an excuse to boost my omega-3 levels by indulging in fresh fish every night.

I think this fish was red mullet. It looks a bit scary on the plate but it was really nice, and tasted similar to any other fish you’d eat. It did take a bit of careful handling to remove the bones, and I think I only managed to eat one of the fish before I was full!

015 (2)
fish face
013 (2)
Dusky beach

Aside from the weather, Spain is also a good place to go shopping. There’s a big mall called La Cañada which hosts a good range of shops. There are shops there that I recognise, such as Topshop and H&M, and then also some more exotic ones (exotic because they aren’t also in Guildford!)  like Berskha, Springfield, Pull and Bear, and my favourite, Stradivarius.

Being September, all the new season autumn/winter stock was on sale, which seemed wrong when it was so warm and sunny outside! This didn’t deter me though, and it’s always good to leave Spain feeling prepared for the arctic London air that will no doubt assault you when you step off the plane at Gatwick (I’ve learnt from experience!)

Collectively, I’d say we did quite well..

I really like going to Orange Square in Marbella. There are two sides to Marbella: along the beach front there are some trendy bars, restaurants and market stalls. But I think the best area is up away from the sea front, where you can find more traditional looking restaurants in the narrow lanes between the old white Spanish buildings. They all offer al fresco dining, which is amazing in the setting.

030 (2)
Who needs a roof?
028 (2)
Orange Square… and ironic orange parasols

Traditionally Spanish, Paella seems like a bit of a cliché to have when you’re out there, but we went for it anyway. We shared two of these paellas between four of us on the night we went to Orange Square. The restaurant was at the top of the hill down one of the old lanes. This is the seafood paella, the second dish was a Valenciana paella containing just meat.

Seafood and eat it
What fish is this…?

I can’t actually remember what this fish was, but I had it on my last night, and it tasted just as wonderful as it looks!

024 (2)
Me with my bodyguards: Adam and George

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