Champagne and hot dog night: Bubble dogs

Saturday night was girls night, where I just wanted to eat too much food and have plenty of drinks with my Uni friend Harriet. After heading to Flat Iron for some steak and cocktail loving (see earlier post for more details about Flat Iron!) we headed to Bubble Dogs.

Based near Goodge Street station, Bubble Dogs has an unusual concept. It’s a champagne bar that also serves American style hot dogs.


The hot dog menu is varied – the hot dog with mac and cheese on it stood out at me – and I have never seen so many different toppings! From BLT to pad thai, the possibilities are endless.

The hot dogs come served in red plastic baskets, very American diner-esque! And of course you have a choice of tomato sauce or mustard as an accompaniment. I don’t think I’ve ever been somewhere where a champagne flute can happily share the same table space as a squirty mustard bottle!

Bubble lights at Bubble Dogs

We had a side of sweet potato fries to go with our champagne. I love these – you don’t feel like you’re cheating as much as you do with regular fries, they’re basically one of your five a day.

Of course – the champagne was tasty. We had a glass of the ‘Juillet-Lallement Rosé, Grand Cru, Brut’ champagne – no, that doesn’t mean anything to me either, but it was delicious!

We were also told by the friendly barman as we sat down that he would give us the more expensive champagne for the same price as the cheapest one. Scoreee!

This could have been because the bar was closed for the next two nights so he needed somebody to finish them, but we were more than happy to oblige. Top tip – visit Bubble Dogs on a Saturday so you can take advantage of the fact that it’s closed for two days after this!

Feeling sweeeeeet
My new fave – Juillet-Lallement Rosé, Grand Cru, Brut

The paradox of hot dogs and champagne being served simultaneously was a bit of an anomaly for me. On entry, the maître de asked us if we were having food and drinks, because you can’t go there and just drink, you must have food – presumably this is so that the restaurant retains it’s quirky hot dog selling point, and doesn’t simply turn into another champagne bar.

Harriet and I went for drinks and picked at some fries, and although the hot dogs looked tasty, they almost didn’t seem like a proper meal. They would be amazing as a lunch, but then (depending on how your day was going), you may not be up to knocking back glasses of champagne in the middle of the day.

Even though food had to be ordered, the high tables gave the place more of a bar-like feel, rather than the comfortable feel of a restaurant where you would settle down for a long meal.

High stools and squirty mustard

Bubble Dogs may be a good place to start the evening, with a bite to eat and a glass of champagne, but if you are looking forward to a long multiple-course meal, this probably isn’t the place to go.

However, the champagne was excellent, and the quirky concept means that I would go again!

The extensive hot dog blackboard…

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