Meat and cocktails – Bodean’s BBQ

Although I don’t live in London, I love the fact that Woking is still so close, and it’s easy enough to jump on a fast train and disappear up to London for a few hours after work. This is exactly what I did last week when I was keen to make the trip to the Tower of London to see the poppy memorial and go for dinner.

Shake it out

Bodean’s BBQ is right next to Tower Hill tube station, and it’s the place to go if you’re in the mood for meat! They don’t take bookings after 5pm, and it does get busy, but there’s a conveniently positioned All Bar One and a Spoons on either side of the restaurant in case you need to wait.

BBQ bar

I went with Ben (he’s pretty much a London virgin), and he was in for a treat. When we arrived at Bodean’s it was fairly busy, so we were FORCED to go for a drink in All Bar One beforehand – oh, the toils of life. Like all good restaurants, Bodean’s has a bar and a cocktail menu to make use of before/ after/ during your meal. I think they also have a happy hour if you go early enough, and from the outside, the restaurant just looks like a bar, so you could just stop in for a drink if you were feeling thirsty.

Cocktail sampling – I was very thirsty

The menu at Bodean’s is a vegetarian’s nightmare. I ordered the ‘Pulled Pork Meal’: a pork shoulder that had been smoked for 12 hours before being shredded into strips. It was served with creamed corn and coleslaw. TASTY. Ben had a ‘Combo’, which is a good option if you can’t decide what you fancy. The Combo is a selection of a few meals all on one plate, including: a quarter chicken, ribs and pulled pork. The food was really good – nothing very fancy, but tasty all the same. It’s a cheeky place to go if you are very hungry and trying to avoid vegetables!

The Combo
Ben with his meat

The interior slightly reminded me of a church due to the giant stained glass windows at one end. The tables were very uniform too, but although they were packed in, the booth format meant you had more than enough space and it didn’t feel like you were intruding on the conversation at the table next to you. Unlike Meat Liquor with it’s scary dungeon-like decor, or Big Easy which is very big and open, Bodean’s felt more friendly and familiar. I would go again for the food and the cocktails, but Bodean’s doesn’t have the same wow factor as Meat Liquor or Big Easy. I think I’ve been spoilt by going to the other two, and if I had tried Bodean’s first then I’m sure I would have been suitably wowed!

Take me to church?
*Cleaning products are sold separately

I did have a great evening, and it’s a perfect destination for a relaxing meal and drinks that isn’t overly expensive. Plus, it was right next to the Tower of London, so if you go to see the poppy memorial – make sure you stop in for some BBQ food after!

Chillin in the booth

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