Will Halloween ever be the same again?

So, it’s Halloween. In my younger years, this prospect filled me with excitement at the thought of dressing up, going out at night, and eating lots.

As a child, this meant wearing a witches costume (complete with a broom, of course), going trick or treating, and then coming home and feeling sick from eating copious amounts of sweets.

In more recent years at Uni, Halloween has meant dressing up in a sexy version of something loosely scary, going to a nightclub, and then coming home and feeling sick from drinking copious amounts of alcohol.


I loved Halloween, and I was disappointed but not totally surprised that it isn’t the same after Uni. Now, it’s more of an inconvenience than a day to rejoice about.

If you’re at home, the streets are lined with children. It can be a bit of a shock if you’re pulling onto your driveway to find that you’ve almost mowed down a mob of half a dozen children.

And if you’ve managed to dodge the children and make it into your home, you have to unplug the doorbell and turn the TV up for the rest of the evening to avoid the interruptions.

Even if you do manage to venture out of the house, it’s never the same as being in the Uni bubble of crazily dressed students in a nightclub.

So this year, I’m going for a more of an understated fancy dress outfit. I don’t have a character to dress up as, and I don’t really want zombie wounds or cat whiskers painted onto my face for all to see.

I think I made a good attempt at fancy dress at Uni; I’ve dressed up as a tramp, the hulk, and even as one of the Spice Girls.


Spice up your life

Halloween at Uni lasts for a full week, and after spending three years there I’ve exhausted all my scary outfit ideas – the secret is to choose what you want to go as, and then just put some face paint on and go as the zombie version of it.

So, I think I’m justified in not dying my hair black, accidentally dropping fake blood all over my room, and wearing fangs to go out in public now I’m back at home.

I still love fancy dress, but this Halloween, I’m just going to wear a nice dress, and be a classy vampire. I’ll have still made an effort, right?

Photos to come!


Looking terrifying


Black cats: so so evil


Zombies or vampires?


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