Easy like a Thursday evening

Big Easy: The name is cryptic. It is big, but it’s not easy. Not easy to get a table that is, so you really need to book in advance. I booked online, and even then, they phoned me the day before I was due to go to make sure I was actually coming and not just playing with their system.

‘Big’ bar, ‘Easy’ to drink. Like a library for bottles.

Having said that, it’s easy-going when you get inside. There’s quite a big bar for a restaurant, so if you need to wait it’s a good atmosphere, and if you want a drink before you eat, that’s easy too.

They specialize in frozen cocktails. I’m not completely sold on having a frozen cocktail whilst eating, or even before eating. However, the ice did make me drink it slowly rather than gulping it down, which I tend to do with cocktails. A brain freeze hazard isn’t one that you would expect when you go to a London restaurant!

Ice, ice baby

After a frozen cocktail, Nik and I were led downstairs to the large eating area. The atmosphere is casual, busy and dark, and it looked like a hotspot for a post-work meal.

The menu at Big Easy was big, and it wasn’t easy to choose what to have! In the end, we wanted to try everything, so we went for a ‘Lobster Fest’ and a ‘Taste-O-Rama’ to share.

So many suits!

Nik mainly ate the Lobster Fest: a 1 ½ lb lobster served with fries and salad. And I ate most of the Taste-O-Rama, which was a ¼ pit-smoked BBQ chicken, dry-rubbed St Louis pork ribs, and Carolina pulled pork.

It was delicious. And our sharing didn’t work too well either, once our meals arrived we both dived straight in to what was in front of us!

I did try some of the lobster, and it was succulent and fresh, however, if you are craving lobster, make sure you go to Burger and Lobster! It’s allllll about the lobster there – that’s what they specialise in.

As you can see, the food is served on trays rather than plates! Getting combo meals was a good opportunity to try everything, and I especially liked the pulled pork.

I have heard that the steak is a good choice too – another one to try in the future!

Lobster fest
The claws are out
Meat platter: it defeated me
When the chips are down…

One of the quirky things about Big Easy is that they provide you with aprons. These come in very handy for messy bbq food and lobster, so they aren’t wasted!

Nik ended up dropping a lobster claw across the floor, so I think the apron was definitely necessary in his case.

Apron modelling
The shirt was saved by the apron

Towards the end of our meal, a band came out to play. This was a really fun idea, even if it did make it slightly harder to hear each other across the table!

The décor is like a wood shed. Wood, concrete and wall paintings were everywhere, but because the tables were close together and it was dimly lit and noisy, it felt cosy and comfortable. I think the fact that we were underground added to this. Big and easy are two words that could summarise it!

And on the walls, you can leave your business card to be pinned up. Such a quirky idea! There was definitely a lot to look at, and it was a really fun experience as well as being tasty food.

I would go again; there’s lots on the menu that I would like to try, and you definitely get a lot of food for your money!

Going live
Wall art
Leave your mark on the wall

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