Dinner by Jamie

If you have read any other posts on my blog, you might have guessed that I like eating out in London. This week, I had the rare experience of going to a local restaurant that I’ve always wanted to try but never made it to: Jamie’s Italian.

Cocktail time with my ‘Bramble’

After dropping a few hints about the fact that I wanted to go there, Ben took me to the Jamie’s Italian in Guildford.

It’s a lot bigger than I anticipated it to be, and I imagine that it gets very busy on the weekends – Jamie Oliver should be proud!

I think you can tell that it’s an Italian restaurant just by looking at it. It has the feel of a kitchen due to the tiled walls, wooden surfaces and metal chairs. There are cured meats suspended from some of the walls (I couldn’t work out if they were real or just there for effect) and wooden serving planks hanging in other areas!

Looking spacious…
A Strawberry Daiquiri and a Florence Fizz

Luckily, we had a cosy booth by the window, and plenty of space to sit back and read through the cocktail menu.

I went for a Strawberry Daiquiri (I love the martini glass it was served in!) and Ben had a very summery tasting Florence Fizz. I think his was better to have whilst eating, because mine was very alcoholic!

We were both starving, so we ordered Italian Nachos to pick at while we were choosing our mains.

These were really tasty – I could have eaten a lot more of them! It was crispy fried ravioli stuffed with three cheeses and served with arrabbiata sauce and Parmesan. I need to try and make them at home!

Only the chilis were left…

Despite the starter and the cocktails, I was still starving by the time the mains came (Was I hungry from waiting so long to try the restaurant?)

We both went for pasta – very adventurous! I had ‘Jamie’s sausage pappardelle’- I had no idea what pappardelle was, but I now know that it is large, flat noodles.

The sausage bit was really tasty too – with parmesan and breadcrumbs on it. I don’t know how Italian it really is but it was amazing!

Ben had the ‘Famous prawn linguine’ which looked good too. I hate to admit that I don’t really like prawns, so I’m not sure how his meal rated! It looked nice though… it was very garlicy I think!

Educated about pappardelle
Prawn crazy

We had a lovely evening, and after wanting to go to Jamie’s Italian for so long – I wasn’t disappointed!

Any meal that comes served with cocktails is a winner really… Thanks for a nice meal Jamie! I’m sure we’ll be back…

Full tummies all round

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