The hat


I’ve done it. I’ve finally gone and bought a hat.

It’s a black hat, a floppy one, with a ribbon around the bowl.

I’ve toyed with the idea of purchasing a hat for quite some time, never being fully sure whether it would suit me or not and if I would actually wear it.

I think hats look great on tall ladies, who can look down over everyone else. But having a more petite height, I feel quite restricted some of the time – for example, I have to stand on tip toes in crowds, and I get neck ache from looking up at my tall friends.

So having something on my head with a wide brim to restrict my peripheries even further didn’t appeal to me very much.

However, I was at a vintage fair in Guildford where there were so many black hats! And I can never resist something that’s vintage.

With vintage, you know that you won’t see anybody else walking down the high street with the same impeccable taste in clothes as you do and wearing exactly the same outfit. This has happened before, and it’s not an experience that I want to repeat!

So, my hat is vintage, from the 1970s in fact, and I haven’t seen anybody wearing an identical one, yet.

The peak at the front is slightly bigger than the peak at the back, which is good because it means it won’t flap down on my neck or conflict with a scarf.

Happy days!





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