Get your skates on!


You know that the Christmas season has well and truly begun when you witness ice rinks that have popped up all around central London.

Not the biggest fan of skating due to my inability to balance on one leg, I usually try to avoid the ice antics, mainly by opting to watch from the sidelines while clutching a cup of mulled wine and commending the skaters for their bravery.

This year, I finally wanted to put my irrational fear of the ice behind me and attempt to join my friends by donning some skates.

After visiting the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum (it was amazing), we went to the ice rink there. The area was decorated with lights in the trees, food stalls disguised as wooden chalets, and christmas trees.



The setting was so beautiful, and served to detract from the dangerous sport that we were about to partake in – seriously, who came up with the idea of strapping blades to your feet and attempting to move across slippery ice congested with other unstable people!?

I did survive the turbulent experience, and unlike some of my friends, managed not to fall over or have anyone crash into me.

Ciara and I witnessed a particularly horrible-looking fall, where a rogue skater smashed in to a couple, causing them both to fall over. The guy fell over first, pulling the girl down towards him, who unluckily came crashing down onto his upturned skate. It looked painful to say the least – and she couldn’t stand up for a while.



It seemed strange to see Christmas trees and festive decorations already, but really, it was a welcome sight, because Christmas is coming up so soon!

The day definitely got me in the Christmas mood, and has (slightly) helped to conquer my fear of skating. And I hate to admit it, but I actually want to go again! The festive spirit has taken over!!

Ice ice babies: Ciara, Gemma and Me!

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