The Athenaeum, Mayfair


Last weekend was another birthday in my family, meaning another excuse for a lovely meal!

My dad requested The Athenaeum Which is a 5 star hotel in Mayfair.  

We had a cocktail in the bar to start the evening. I went for an Apple Martini – mainly because I love the look of martini glasses.

George also ordered a martini – he went for a more sophisticated looking vodka martini, with the fruit inside the glass rather than fanned out and displayed propped on top of it like my apple one.

They came with a selection of olives and nuts, which we had to order more of because they were good and we were so hungry!

Apple display
Drinks and nibbles
Too much choice!

The cocktails were lush, and if I ever find myself in the fortunate situation of staying at The Athenaeum I can imagine wanting to spend a lot of time in the bar sampling them all!

They were presented really well – the lemon peel in George’s martini was even tied into a bow. They were like edible works of art, and I think that not taking photos of them would have been a wasted opportunity.

We were all pretty hungry after all the cocktail tasting, so we made our way into the restaurant.

To start, I had Goats cheese and fig wrapped in cured ham with rocket and balsamic reduction. It sounds very elaborate, but it was essentially a mouthful of cheese and fig wrapped in ham.

It was nice, and I quite liked the fact that it was small because it didn’t fill me up too much before my main course!

Judging by the spectacular cocktails, we should have been prepared for the amazing presentation of each course – top marks to the chef for presentation!

There is cheese in there I promise!

For mains, I had pan fried Hake with spring onion, gem lettuce and pancetta, new potatoes and green pea veloute.

This was good too – it was just the right amount to fill me up. I don’t know if that was just me though, because I was very full afterwards, whereas Adam and George still went on to order a cheese platter for desert! 

Fabulous Hake

I had a jasmine tea to round the night off. Hardcore, I know. After quite a few glasses of red wine and a cocktail, it was just right.

I really liked the food at The Athenaeum, the portions were perfectly sized so I didn’t leave feeling too full, and I had enjoyed every mouthful of my meal.

I’m not sure why my dad requested The Athenaeum – I hadn’t heard of it before. I think it was good to try – and I would go again (if I was invited!) just for the food.

The actual restaurant didn’t have the same wow factor as other places that I have been lucky enough to dine in, and I think you could tell that it was a hotel restaurant. But it was very smart, and it was nice for a family dinner.

The Athenaeum
Crazy lighting
The apple of my eye: apple martini

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