Clockjack Oven

Pole dancing?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Clockjack Oven. Everybody likes chicken, yes, but I was in two minds about this restaurant in the touristy part of London just being a glorified Nandos.

When we were seated to a table, and I suspiciously viewed the menu, I was quite happy. Clockjack Oven has the simplicity of chicken being the staple food on the menu, but then the classier and more atmospheric touch of the room being candlelit, with an impressive chicken oven roaring behind the bar.

Candlelit chicken
On the rotisserie

I went with Ben, and we opted for the whole rotisserie chicken to share, with grilled vegetables and double cooked fries.

I also went for an extra of Clockjack Ranch Sauce, which was essentially garlic mayo – no chicken is complete without some garlic mayo!

The chicken looked really good on its rotisserie spike. Unfortunately, neither Ben or I are skilled chicken carvers, so we requested the chef to take it off the spike for us.

Even without the presentation of the spike, the chicken was superb. It was tasty and tender, and not dry at all.

Chicken and chips

The chickens are all free-range, which is good to know. Not that we would have left the restaurant if they weren’t, but still a plus point. The chickens are ethically-reared and sourced from a co-operative of farms around the town of Janzé in Brittany.

As you might expect with a restaurant that exclusively sells chicken, they do the chicken very well, and it is cooked to perfection.

It’s probably not the best place to take your vegetarian roommate, but if you are in central London and want to eat somewhere close that isn’t a chain, I would definitely recommend stopping in Clockjack Oven!

So much chicken!


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