Paint the Essie way


I can’t remember the last time I saw my nails without some sort of colour on them – even at school I used to paint them a nude shade, and they have had varnish on them every day since!

I used to be addicted to Nails Inc polishes. They come in such a wide variety of colours that they suit every occasion. The brand is young and funky too so the colours just seem fun to apply!

Lets just say that I have tried out my fair share of nail varnish brands. However, discovering Essie has been a game changer for me. Now, I try to coordinate my glossy Essie nails with my outfits.

Some of my nail varnish collection?

For me, the thing that makes Essie stand out above other brands of nail polish is that it lasts so long without chipping.

The first time I used Essie, I experimented with the light pink colour ‘Fun in the gondola’. Unlike with Nails Inc, the colour didn’t stand out and I could still see my nail through the varnish. I wasn’t very impressed, and questioned what all the hype about the Essie brand was about.

However, after applying a magic second coat, the colour looked a lot better. I was even more thrilled days later when my nails had barely chipped!

I love the colour of the Nails Inc polishes, and they are vibrant after just one coat, but they don’t last as long as Essie polishes do!

Summer shades

The Essie brand seems to be getting bigger and better. My favourite shade is called ‘Wicked’. It’s a deep red/ purple shade, which seems to go with everything and match any occasion.

Essie varnish is very glossy, and I think it’s worth paying a bit more for a product that looks great and will last a long time. This also means that if I go away for a weekend, it is likely that the polish will stay on for the duration of it, and won’t be chipped and cheap looking by the last day – I really can’t stand chipped nail varnish!

Essie army
Great for Instagramming!

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