Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

I love the summer, because if we are lucky enough to see the sun for more than a few days in London, it means that I can work on my tan. Being January at the moment, a decent bronzer is essential for faking it and giving my face the warm summer glow that I am lusting after.

I have been using a Natural Collection bronzer for a while, but I have begun to get tired of the fact that it sometimes leaves me looking a bit red-faced. It’s a better colour match in the summer when my skin is slightly darker, but even then, it never seems to match my colourings or blend with the colour of my foundation very well.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4f4/69109644/files/2015/01/img_6375.jpgI had heard great things about the Bobbi Brown bronzer, and I couldn’t wait to try it. It feels really nice and smooth to apply over my foundation, and it’s richer and darker colour than the Natural Collection bronzer.

I chose the shade ‘Natural’, so it should still suit me when I get a tan in the summer… I hope!


It comes in a cute compact case with a mirror, so it’s good for taking out and about in a handbag if you need to touch up your make up over the course of the day. It’s quite bulky so does take up a lot of space in my make-up bag, but it’s worth taking around, because it’s so good.

My tip for applying it is to use a large make up brush so that you can apply it evenly across your cheeks at once. When I have applied it with a small brush it has come out slightly streaky and uneven.

It makes my skin look healthy and gives it the summer glow I was after. It also doesn’t have glitter dust in it like some other bronzers do – sparkly bits can be a bit of a giveaway if you’re trying to go for a natural look!

I like this product and I would recommend it to others in the future.



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