Inamo martini time

In the digital age that we live in, it really was only a matter of time before restaurants like Inamo became popular.

Once seated in Inamo, the waitress talks you through how to operate the interactive table. The table is your menu, a means to order food and drinks, and what you need to call a member of staff over. You can even use it to plan your route home at the end of the evening.


I went with Gemma and Charley, and we didn’t order any food for a while… There was too much to explore on the table!

After choosing what pattern we wanted projected onto the table as a table cloth, we played ping pong, and watched live footage of the chefs in the kitchen. It’s a lot of fun, and I can imagine it being a life saver on a first date if the conversation isn’t flowing as it should!

I had a Lycée martini, and Gemma had a passion fruit one.

Gemma engrossed in the menu
The ping pong championship
We’re watching you chefs…

In between playing we did manage to order some food.

After browsing through photos of the whole menu, where the food is projected onto your plate so you know exactly what to expect, the ordering process is just like Internet shopping.

To place an order, you select the food you want by clicking on it, and then add it to your basket. Like Internet shopping, it’s very addictive and you get a shock when you review your basket at the end and find out how much everything adds up to!

The high-tech and ultra modern theme of the restaurant meant that the food was innovative too. It was Asian fusion, so you could order anything from maki rolls and raw sushi to grilled meat and salads.

I went for the Seared Salmon Maki, and as hoped, when it arrived it looked just like the photo.

By the end, I was clicking away and adding things to my basket that I had no intention of eating… Thank god for the ‘review order’ function!

My seared salmon maki

My second dish was Seafood Gyoza. There were three gyozas, each filled with a mix of prawn and cod and served under a spicy yuzu dressing. It was really good – and I could have eaten way more than three!

Gemma had the Baby Pork Ribs, and the Chicken Satay. Both looked excellent (and very messy!)

Charley ordered the Hot Stone Rib Eye, which true to its name, came complete with a hot stone to cook the beef on yourself. I was impressed (if not a little envious!)

Three for me
Gemma’s messy food
Hot stone cooking

I enjoyed the overall experience of Inamo, the concept is exciting and it’s a fun way to dine. However, as with any sushi where you can order as you go along, the added element of the addictive touch pad makes it very easy to forget about the mounting cost until it surprises you at the end!

Playing with the interactive table definitely has a wow factor about it, so I would want to go again to take someone who has never been before, just to see their reaction.

I don’t think you go to Inamo just for the food… You go there to play!

Table projectors
Cocktail happy

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