Sushi Samba


Not only is Sushi Samba known for its excellent food, it is also situated up above the city in the Heron Tower, meaning that the glass walls create a sophisticated ambiance and offer the opportunity to gaze out across the buildings and roads below.

The Heron Tower is a popular building, as it also plays host to Duck and Waffle, meaning that even at 6pm there was already a queue of hungry people outside waiting to get in!

Luckily the table that was booked for myself and my family meant that we were ushered straight inside and into a lift, and then whisked up to the 38th floor. The occasion for this dinner was for one of the most important dates in all your diaries- my birthday!

Upstairs, the bar area was packed out. I wasn’t surprised though, because the bar was really big, and being able to city-watch out the windows was super cool.

The restaurant is on the opposite side of the Heron Tower to the bar. After lots of staring out the windows, we managed to work out that windows there were facing Northwards

I started with a cocktail called the Nashi Martini, which was orange and tasted like a liquid jelly baby. I found out later that a Nashi is a pear – does that mean jelly babies taste like pear?

Nashi (pear) martini

The maze of unfamiliar names on the menu meant that the waiter volunteered to talk us through the different sections of the menu to explain what everything was.

Of course, by the time he had got to the end of the menu and then disappeared for us to choose for ourselves, we had forgotten most of what he had said!

We opted to order dishes in rounds. Round 1 was small plates: Yellow tail and Wagyu crispy taquitos, Shrimp tempura, and the Tuna and ‘Mixto’ seviches.

Yellow tail and Wagyu crispy taquitos
Shrimp tempura
Tuna and ‘Mixto’ fish seviches

The next round was ‘Poussin  teriyaki, japanese-style mayonnaise, yuzu kosho’, which was essentially tasty chicken and fancy mayo. We also ordered a selection of ‘Nigiri Omakase’ which are lines of rice topped with strips your choice of fish. We also ordered sides of black beans and rice. The food went down pretty quickly between five of us!

Poussin teriyaki
‘Nigiri Omakase’ with crab slices

When the waiter next came to our table to offer us dessert, we decided that we hadn’t had enough of the savoury food yet! So we promptly ordered some Beef Teriyaki to try.

This was the best dessert – so tender and delicious!




When I thought the evening was almost over, I was presented with a ‘Happy Birthday’ macaroon. I was very impressed that they had managed to write my name in the chocolate sauce… It was beautiful! I still scraped some of it off the plate to eat though!

Happy Birthday!

 All in all, I was really impressed with Sushi Samba. It was good for a family celebration, and the tables for two were by the windows, so it would also be good for a romantic meal overlooking the city.

I think the restaurant lived up to the hype I have heard about it – the food was delicious, the service was good, and the actual restaurant and surroundings were stylish and cool.


Rainforest vibes
Cheeky peek into the kitchen

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