Chicken Liquor 

I’ve been to Meat Liquor before, and I had heard that the restaurant had sister branches, but I had no idea where exactly they were hiding around London! Last week… I eventually found out. 


Chicken Liquor is based in Brixton Village, so from the outside it just looks like a trendy restaurant, and it took me a moment to register that it was actually called Chicken Liquor. 
The place is very much a ‘no frills’ kind of restaurant. The high tables are narrow, but wide enough to fit a tray on, and there’s just about enough room to pull up some stools around them. 
As the name of the restaurant suggests, chicken is the name of the game there. I went for the Dirty Chicken Burger, with lettuce, tomato and red onions. 
So much chicken
As with Meat Liquor, all the food for the table comes served on one tray. The burger came with a paper bag full of chips, which I could have had as a meal just on its own! 
The chicken was beautiful. It was really delicate and tender, and just seemed to crumble apart in your mouth wonderfully – which isn’t really something you expect to happen with chicken! It was coated in a crumbly breadcrumb batter, and had been seasoned so it had a slight kick to it. It took me a while to eat, as it did tend to fall apart as I was munching away at it, but that didn’t spoil it for me. 
Down in one?
I enjoyed my burger so much that I already have a reason to go back there and have another one. 
The interior had a slight resemblance to meat liquor; it was kind of dingy and lit up by the glow of red lighting. It was a lot smaller than Meat Liquor, but thankfully there wasn’t a queue to be seated and the food was just as good, if not better! 
If you head out of central London to search for it, take note that it’s not what you expect it to look like, especially if you have Meat Liquor on your mind. If you’re in the Brixton area, then it’s well worth a visit! Mmm… chicken.
Burger and a beer

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