Franco Manca

Franco manca is known for its sourdough pizzas and laid back vibes. The sourdough pizza bases slowly rise for around 20 hours before they are cooked in a wood burning brick oven.
Number 4
There is often a queue to get a table at it’s Brixton branch over the weekend, but going on a Sunday lunchtime proved to be a great idea because we got a table straight away!
There’s not much to Franco Manca, and it’s this simplicity which makes it so appealing. The first and original Franco Manca restaurant was this one in Brixton, but due to its popularity there are now various franchise restaurants around London.
Number 6 : organic chorizo and mozzarella
The restaurant I went to with Jo and Gemma was in Brixton Village, and it takes over both sides of the arcade. In each one there are four or five big tables to sit around – so unless you take all your friends with you to sit with, you end up table sharing with some fellow pizza lovers.
Pizza lovers
What to expect
For some reason, they don’t sell coke or sprite: the soft drink choices are juices or organic lemonade. I guess this makes the meal seem a bit healthier!
English apple juice
There are six pizzas to choose from, and they are numbered from one to six on the menu. I went for number four; home cured Gloucester old spot ham, mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and wild mushrooms. Beau-tiful.
I could see why there is so much hype surrounding the pizzas. My favourite part about it was how all the creamy cheese had melted on the sourdough base. The edges of the pizza were slightly thicker than the middle and were topping-free sourdough – so there was no excuse not to eat the crusts!
The pizza was absolutely delicious, and I have five reasons to go back so I can try all the other pizzas on the menu!
Happy Jo with her pizza
Me and my pizza!

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