Chicken Shop

I do love chicken, I mean, who doesn’t? And when I say I went to Chicken Shop, I mean the London restaurant chain Chicken Shop, and not the chicken shop at the end of my road. They aren’t easy to confuse when you know the difference, but that didn’t stop me questioning my friend Gemma recently when I thought she had gone to Chicken Shop, when she had in fact actually gone to the chicken shop at the end of the road! 


Lush quarter chicken
I went to Chicken Shop in Holborn after work with Gemma and Charley. Luckily, we arrived just before 7pm, as when it got to 7, there was a queue all the way up the stairs to get a table!
We started off with some drinks. I went for a glass of white wine, which came in a personal sized caraf thing.
Thirst quencher
There are no menus on the tables, as with a chicken/ kebab shop, you have to order from a big menu on the wall. However, far from the illuminated plastic signs that you have to peer at at the kebab shop at the end of a wild night out, the menu board at Chicken Shop is a blackboard, which isn’t dissimilar to one that you would find in a slightly trendy country pub.
The Chicken Shop


Smokin’ hot
The food came really quickly. I could see the chickens bring rotated on their spits, and chips frying away next to them behind the bar – it looked like this was the only kitchen!
The chicken was good – it reminded me of Clockjack Oven! (In Piccadilly Circus.) The restaurant was underground and candlelit, and everything was made of wood.
I had a really nice meal, it was just what I expected – chicken and chips. Unless you are a vegetarian, I think Chicken Shop is a place you could take anyone… You can’t go far wrong with chicken!
What a forkful…


Gemma and her Brewdog

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