Porky’s – one of the best places to go when you’re in the need of a filling meal and a cocktail.  

I was introduced to Porky’s by Charley when I went there with him and our American friend Alex. One of the first things we did was to compare it to other BBQ restaurants in London: namely Big Easy and Bodeans.
It has a very similar selection of meal choices to these other places, with a menu full of burgers, combo’s, ribs, pulled pork, and sides of chips, beans and coleslaw.
The décor wasn’t as rustic or dimly lit as Bodeans or Big Easy. The paint and brick work looked very modern, but there were vintage records, posters and old photographs hanging on the walls to give it a lived-in feel. Alex commented that he could see the decor style they were going for, and that there were definitely places in America that looked like Porky’s! There was also a bar section dedicated to beer pong tables, and it looked like a good place to come for a drink and chill out.
Cocktail o’clock
The big apple sour

To start, I had a ‘Sons of Alchemy’ cocktail, with Beefeater, Kamm & Sons, cherry syrup, lemon juice and soda. They had some very funky cocktails on offer, and deciding that I wanted a drink without an egg white, peanut butter or jam in it didn’t leave me with too many options to choose from!

I thought I’d opt for a lighter option for dinner, so I went for the pulled pork without any sides. I wasn’t sure if I was being over-cautious with this order, but I needn’t have worried. When my meal arrived, I was so glad that I hadn’t gone for any sides… It was the largest portion of pulled pork that I had ever seen!
The pulled pork was smoked for 18 hours over hickory and was served with a toasted bun and pickles. It came laid out in a dish that was the same size as the oven proof dish that I cook lasagne in at home! The chefs obviously didn’t want me to go for a light dinner that day… It was delicious though – pulled to perfection.
Get your plate, you’ve pulled

Despite my doubts, I really didn’t need any sides. My best attempt to clear my plate resulted in half of the bap and a fair bit of the pulled pork being left over!

Next time, I’ll be starving myself in anticipation for my BBQ food. A lesson I have learnt is that BBQ food in general is better when you have a big appetite!
The Porky Burger
Chips and beans

Charley went for the Porky burger, which was topped with pulled pork, streaky bacon and Jack cheese. Looking at the picture of it makes me hungry.

The name of the restaurant was very appropriate for me when I left – I definitely felt like a porky pie!

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