Brixton Village

I love living so close to Brixton Village. There’s always something there to suit your mood or what kind of outing you want; whether it’s day or night, or you’re with your boyfriend, your friends, or your family.
In the evening it’s the lively epicentre of Brixton’s nightlife, with people sitting outside bars in the arcade or just passing through on route to their next bar stop.
In the daytime, the restaurants are buzzing. There are cafes and a bakery that are excellent for brunch, or there’s the burger and pizza places that come in handy for the day after the night before. The tables outside the eateries in the arcade are usually busy, and it’s a great people watching spot.
So when my Uni friends came up to visit last weekend, I didn’t need to think before suggesting Brixton Village as the place to take them for lunch.
After joining the hoard of people on the way in to Brixton Village, Sophie, Sarah and I ambled through the arcade until we found ourselves a table to sit around at ‘Casa Morita’.
Mojito time

Casa Morita prides itself for serving ‘no nonsense’ authentic Mexican food. It was difficult to choose what to have from the menu, as there was so much on it! They had Quesadillas, Tacos, Tostado (a tortilla with toppings), Chilaquiles (tortillas with fried eggs on them) and La Torta (a filled bun).

As we couldn’t choose, we ended up all going for the same thing! We ordered the ‘Taco Mix Meal’ which was our choice of three tacos or quesadillas accompanied by sweet corn studded rice, refried beans, and salad.
As well as all ordering the same meal, we even chose the same taco and quesadilla combination. We each had the ground chorizo taco, the shredded chicken taco, and the melted cheese, guacamole and chorizo quesadilla.
Taco bout a good lunch
The food didn’t look how I expected it to, but it did look very authentic, and it was really tasty.
Of course, being a Saturday and a reunion, we had to order mojitos! We also had a side of Totopos which were tortilla crisps.
It was really tasty, and I think Sophie and Sarah both enjoyed their first trip to Brixton Village. I hope there will be many more trips to come!


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