The Sky Garden 

The Sky Garden is free to visit, you just need to book a time slot. It only opened recently, and it was meant to be a communal area for Londoners to hang out. I went last weekend with my friends Matt, Ciara, Gemma and Becka to check it out. 

Once you have found the Walkie Talkie building (20 Fenchurch Street) and gone through the airport style security metal detectors and bag scanners, the Sky Garden is up on the 35th floor.
The lift opens onto a white patio with a bar/ cafe on one side and the garden sloping up away from you to the rear of the building.
The floor is laid out so that the windows are positioned looking out towards the Thames and the Shard, and there is a big balcony running across the length of this side of the building providing a better vantage point to see the city. The glass windows that act as the walls of the Walkie Talkie building give you a 360 degree view of London, so it felt like we could see every building and every road in the city!

Inside, it feels like a greenhouse, as the greenery stretches all the way up a slope towards the back of the building. The garden spans three floors, so from the back you can look all the way down across the garden and see the Shard out the other side. 

We walked up the steps and all the way round the circumference of the building, taking in the views from every angle. The best views were from the balcony, where you could see everything from the Tower of London round to the BT Tower.

I didn’t find the plants very exciting – there weren’t any flowers and it was mainly green trees and shrubs. Even though it’s called the Sky ‘Garden’, I think the garden is the last thing you go there to see – the views and the cocktail menu are the most exciting things!
I only spent about an hour there with my friends, looking at the buildings and taking photos, but you could spend the whole afternoon there if you stayed for lunch or drinks. The Sky Garden is definitely worth a visit, and I’ve heard it’s a good place to go on a date!

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