Doing Red Dog 

Red Dog Saloon is an American BBQ restaurant in Shoreditch that specialises in hot dogs. I love my BBQ food, so I couldn’t wait to try it. Here are my Red Dog do’s:

DO: Make sure you’re in the right place

One of the things I learnt from my first visit is that there are two parts to it. There is a take away restaurant in the style of Five Guys, where you order your food and then wait until it’s ready, and next door is a proper, more formal restaurant that is a lot bigger and more stylish.

I know this from the experience of going into the take away branch and thinking that it wasn’t quite what I expected it to be, only to find that the main restaurant was next door!

When we eventually made it to the main restaurant, it looked a lot more like what I had in mind before my trip to the take away! So, if you visit, make sure you are actually in the place you want to be in! Lesson learnt. 

DO: Compare it to a woodshed, and any other BBQ restaurant you’ve ever been to 

Inside, Red Dog Saloon is rustic and cosy looking, and everything is made of wood. There are wooden frames and sturdy fixtures everywhere, so it doesn’t feel dissimilar a converted barn.

It was a fun place to go, and fitted nicely into my recent eating pattern of visiting BBQ restaurants! (Porky’s, Big Easy, Bodeans… Etc).

DO: anything to avoid thinking about the calories 

I went for the Californian Burger, containing guacamole, applewood smoked bacon and mozzarella cheese. It was everything you’d want in a burger, and thankfully not as messy as I expected it to be!

Ben had the Brisket and Pulled Pork Combo meal. It must have been tasty, because he managed to devour the whole thing within about 60 seconds! I managed to get in quickly before he had eaten all the evidence, and the BBQ sauce on the brisket was banging.

DO: go to Red Dog South 

On a post-work run recently, (needed after all the food!) I discovered that there is a ‘Red Dog South’ in Clapham. It’s a cute, miniature version of the main restaurant, and I think it will come in very handy for those Sundays where you’re hungover, hungry, and Shoreditch is just that bit too far to travel!


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