I knew Nobu to be the place that sold some of the best sushi in London, and a favourite of celebs including Calvin Harris and Naomi Campbell. It has a Michelin star, and a Japanese wood burning oven. I loved the Japanese fusion restaurant Sushi Samba when I went there to celebrate my birthday earlier this year, and as Sushi Samba was inspired by Nobu, I was expecting big things! The first thought I had was that it was significantly less flamboyant and showy than Sushi Samba. The restaurant was split in half by a spiral staircase in the middle leading down to the bar area. Each side of the restaurant was filled with different sized round tables and plain wooden chairs, and whole of one wall was taken up with a kitchen area. This chefs looked busy at work, and they had an audience of couples who sat along the bar adjoining it. The occasion for Nobu was Adam’s birthday. We had a round table in the middle of the restaurant, and ordered sushi in rounds that we could all share. First, we had Edamame beans, Soft Shell Crab, and Shrimp and Lobster. It was all pretty delicious. My favourite was the Soft Shell Crab (which I would recommend). Usually, the crab’s body is my favourite and I tolerate the legs, but this time, the legs were better than any I’d had before! The dish meant that you ended up eating crab feet without realising it, because the shell was so soft that it wasn’t chewy at all and the crunch when you took a bit into it was negligible.  The next round of food contained the best dish of the night: the Black Cod Den Miso. There was only a mouthful each, but oh my, it was a mouthful to remember! It didn’t taste as fishy as normal cod, really… It barely tasted like fish, yet you could detect that it was still cod. If you go to Nobu, this is definitely the dish to get. Without spending the next three paragraphs detailing the cod, the other food there is also some of the best sushi around. For afters, we ordered a selection of Sushi and Sashimi. The Sashimi (rice with fish layered on top) included pieces of Fresh Salmon, Sweet Shrimp, Yellowtail and Sea Bass, and ordered some Prawn Tempura sushi to accompany it. Adam was then presented with a spherical chocolate pudding, and the waiter stood over him and poured hot chocolate sauce on top of it. The pudding melted away to reveal a scoop of vanilla ice cream that was enclosed within. Probably the best wow factor you could get for some vanilla ice cream. All in all, the food was delicious! I hope I get to go again.


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