Longing for Longchamp

So, yesterday I got a shiny new Longchamp bag. And it’s not just any bag, it’s a ‘Le Pliage’ RUCKSACK.

I don’t own many rucksacks – the ones I do are rucksacks I would use to go for a hike or a run, and not one I would take shopping.

I like the fact that it’s so lightweight. I’ve got some amazing handbags at home, but some of them are actually quite heavy due to the study leather they are made from, and so this puts me off using them too much. In comparison, the Longchamp backpack is lightweight, and would be great for taking shopping or for a day out.

It’s in a shade called ‘Billberry’ which I really like (you might have seen my plum coloured Modalu bag!) and I think it will be perfect for going shopping, or taking on the many travels that I plan to do.



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