Summer skin with Clarins

This review requires a little back story, which should begin with the reminder, that as we have all been told countless times before: the sun is damaging for your skin.

I love getting a tan in the summer – I usually spend every weekend between March and September striving for that golden healthy-looking glow.

However, I’ve become more careful since getting sunburnt on my face a few years ago, and then raising my eyebrows the following evening in front of the mirror and seeing that the lines on my forehead took ages to disappear! It made me feel like I was getting old, and to make things worse, this all happened in England! I was horrified!

Now, I take extra precautions to make sure that my moisturiser and foundation include spf in them. So, even if the sun takes me by surprise when I have no sun lotion on me, I know that it’s unlikely my face won’t get burnt.

After getting teased on holiday by my family for having an ice white face when the rest of my body was tanned, I’ve started taking extra measures to make sure that my face is a similar shade to my body.

Clarins do a really good range of creams that give your face the golden glow you are craving.

The latest product that I’ve added to my extensive collection of lotions and potions, is the Clarins Lisse Minute Autobronzant Instant Smooth Self Tanning (no, it’s not the most catchy name!).

This is a moisturiser, and feels like a primer too. You can apply it in the same way that you would apply your daily moisturiser, and it makes your skin feel silky smooth before you put your normal make-up over the top.

I have also used Clarins’ Addition Concentré Eclat. You drip a few blobs of into your facial moisturiser the night before you want to look golden, and when you wake up in the morning your skin looks naturally tanned.

Best friends

I would recommend the Addition Concentré Eclat, but the Lisse Minute Autobronzant Instant Smooth Self Tanning is amazing for an instant tan. If, like me, you never really know what your plans for the next day are and you forget to apply the Addition Concentré Eclat before bed, the Lisse Minute comes in very useful. You can incorporate it with your usual beauty routine, and look like you’ve been out in the sun without actually damaging your skin.

I really like it, it’s become a staple part of my weekend beauty regime. I would definitely recommend it!


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