Feeling OXO-lent

The Art Deco Oxo tower is an iconic London landmark. The tower is home to a small, square shaped, dimly lit restaurant which looks down on the city below… Right? Wrong! 

The Oxo tower actually protrudes out of the Oxo Tower Wharf building with the restaurant and bar situated on the wide terrace from the building underneath it. In fact, from the restaurant, there is no sign of the iconic tower beyond the roof ledge above, you can only see it from street level if you aren’t standing directly below the building. If you were walking past the building, you wouldn’t know that the tower even existed up above you without the signs saying ‘Oxo’.

I crossed the river to see the tower properly!

The restaurant and bar are only on the eighth floor, and so from the restaurant you feel like you are very much a part of the city. This is different from the more distant feel you get from places like the Shard or the Heron Tower, where you are forced to look down on the world beneath you.

As the restaurant is on the bank of the river, the restaurant still benefits from the views along the Thames and of the city North of the river.

Rather than being encased in a shadowy tower, the restaurant is glass fronted and has a balcony for Al fresco dining.

Al fresco

I was lucky enough to go to the Oxo Tower with my family for George’s birthday. We began our evening with a drink on the balcony to raise a glass to George for accomplishing another year and to soak up the last of the day’s sun rays.

The evening sitting for dinner at the Oxo restaurant begins at 6.30pm, so when we arrived the place was empty, and when we left it was completely full! We sat by the window, so I could take pics.

Hi there St Pauls!

The menu was really good, I couldn’t decide what to have because I liked the look of everything! I think wanting to go back again to try more of the food is always a sign of a good restaurant!

To start, I had the duck liver parfait, which came served on a waffle with figs. The waffle element reminded me of the signature dish at Duck and Waffle – apparently waffles are the in-thing to have with your duck!

Not so Duck and Waffle?
Hand dived scallops

Next, I had wild sea trout, poached and rillette wild asparagus, purple potato purée and green pea vinaigrette.

The waiter warned me that the fish would be served pink like sushi, but when it arrived it was beautifully cooked all the way through!

We ordered a couple of side dishes of sprouting broccoli to share too. This went really well with my meal, as the garnish of asparagus wasn’t big enough to count towards my five-a-day!

Something fishy’s going on…

The food was all really tasty. The chefs seemed to have served exactly the right amount of food to make me comfortably full, but without a food baby.

Dad’s steak
Even more fish

We were all so full after our meals that we skipped desert and opted for coffee instead.

The Oxo tower was perfect for dining on a sunny day, because it was so bright and airy, and would have made a fantastic rooftop bar venue. (In fact, I think there is a bar next door to the restaurant.)

Coffee and treats
Happy Birthday George!

I would rate the Oxo tower very highly in terms of the excellent food, service, and the look of the restaurant. I must admit that I feel a bit silly having thought that the restaurant would be based in the concrete tower block, but it was a nice surprise for me when I arrived!

Next stop – to the rooftop bar!


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