Summer Screenings in London

So many vintage films are being broadcast outside this summer, making outdoor cinemas a very popular thing to go to.  

One of the outdoor cinemas that I had heard very little about was the Summer Screening at Vauxhall One. Every Tuesday in July, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens is transformed into an outdoor cinema, and everyone is invited to come along, set up camp in the park, and watch the film for free.

Picnics in the park

I went on the third Tuesday in July, which happened to be a glorious and warm summer evening.

Having the perfect weather conditions for the evening, Ben and I made our way into the park armed with blankets and wine to settle in for the evening.

Getting comfy before the film

Conveniently, the park sits on a slight downward slope, and the screen was positioned at the bottom of this slope.

When we arrived at 8pm, the park was nearly full, but we still managed to find a good spot about three quarters of the way up the hill where we had a good view of the screen. I think some people had come straight from work and had a very early dinner picnic and secured their spot in front of the screen. Deck chairs were available to hire too but not many people did this!

I knew that there were some street food stalls at the park where you could grab food, but trying to make the evening more cost effective and healthy, we ate before leaving home.

We immediately saw the error in our ways and the flaw in being healthy when we arrived, as all around us people had picnics, take-away Nandos, pizza orders, and chocolate.

So it didn’t take long for me to make a mad dash over to the nearest Sainburys to stock up on crisps, chocolate, and a second bottle of wine! Unfortunately I’m very easily persuaded into ditching healthy food when there’s chocolate and wine involved!

Nice hamper… Where can I get one!?
A very popular event

The film was due to start at sunset, and sure enough, an announcement was made and the film began just after 9pm.

I’d never actually heard of the film that was showing, called ‘Dazed and Confused’. It was a coming of age film starring a very young Matthew McConaughey.

The film was ok (there might have been a reason why I hadn’t heard of it before!) But cuddling up under a blanket and sipping wine as dusk fell was the bit I enjoyed the most. There was a really friendly atmosphere, and everyone was there to chill out and have a good time.

I hope that more parks will start to organise free summer film screenings, or that Vauxhall One extends their screenings period!

It was a really fun, and very cheap evening, and I really enjoyed it! It’s definitely an event to look out for in the future!

Posing with the screen… and the building site!

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