The Breakfast Club

Everyone has heard of The Breakfast Club… Haven’t they?

Whether it’s stories of amazing hungover brunches, or rumours of the underground bar that you must know a secret password to get to, mentions of The Breakfast Club always seem to come followed by hearsay and instagrams of delicious food.

The Breakfast Club in Clapham is recognisable on a Saturday morning by its almost permanent feature of a long queue line outside it spanning from the doorway and along the pavement.

I went with Gemma, and we learnt that the key to being seated quicker is to go in a group of more than two! As we were waiting, the maître d’ came outside quite a few times to announce that she had a table for four available, or a table for six.

Unfortunately for us, most people seemed to be in groups of two, and there was only a limited number of two-seater tables. 
Having joked with Gemma and making a loose plan that we should pretend that there were four more people yet to join us,  and having a table of six to ourselves would be a great idea, the couples in front of us must have been thinking the same thing!

In the end, we teamed up with the girls in front of us in the queue to table share. When in Rome!

This was a great idea, as it meant that we had only queued for about 15minutes. In this time, the queue line had already grown a fair bit!

The Breakfast Club menu is so big that I couldn’t decide what to go for! Everything sounded amazing, and as it still felt early, I hadn’t quite woken up enough for my brain to be fully functional – so I just wanted to order everything!

The Slow Boy and the Elvis Shake
Eggs Florentine

I went for the Slow Boy juice (involving Apples, carrots, oranges and ginger) and the Eggs Florentine, which came on a toasted English muffin with spinach. Yum!

Gemma had The Half Monty (bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, tomato and multigrain toast.) She also had a delicious but filling Elvis Shake, which was made with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and banana.

The Half Monty

The food was spot on for a meal to set us up for the weekend. I think we got away lightly by only having to queue for 15 minutes – as when we stepped out of the restaurant the queue had almost doubled in size!

I feel like I’ve gained lots of cool points by going there, and I really enjoyed the food!

The spread

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