The best crêpes in Brixton

One of the good things about Brixton Village is that it can be frequented for a different purpose at any time of day. It’s great for it’s bars, it’s fruit and veg sellers, it’s dinner options, and importantly, it’s a nice spot for brunch.

 My flatmates and I are big fans of Senzala, the crêperie (and it’s also a tapas bar!) in the north side of the covered market.

They have a long menu, listing every possible crêpe filling that you can dream of, and more. The menu is divided into two, with both savoury and sweet crepes. So it was very difficult to decide what to have!

I was in the mood for savoury, but as I couldn’t choose between two of the options, I invented my own pancake and went for an amalgamation of the two! I had the key ingredients from ‘The Goat’ (goats cheese, baby leaf spinach, cherry tomatoes and mixed herbs, drizzled with garlic oil) and added caramelised onions from the ‘Caramelised Goat’ (goats cheese, caramelised onions, rocket).

It was delicious, and really puffed out with the spinach so that it looked enormous. The chefs had loaded it with goats cheese, which was great, but I must admit that it got quit sickly towards the end!

Ben ordered the Picante, which came with cheese, homemade spicy minced beef, red onions, fresh tomatoes, red peppers, and jalapeño peppers. Unlike my crepe, the Picante was hot, and smelt delicious.

I would recommend the chai latte I had with my meal. It was a rainy (summers) day and the combination of the tasty crepe and warming latte was magical.

Next time, i need to try a sweet crêpe. The Nutella one caught my eye, and I had no idea that you could make crêpes with pretty much any kind of spirit that you wanted. Senzala took full advantage of this, and the sweet crêpes had concoctions of things like Grand Marnier, rum and even cognac in them!

I’m sure I will be back at Senzala soon, and hopefully it might be the first time I’m made to feel tipsy from a crêpe!


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