Cocktails in a car park: Frank’s Café

When you find out for the first time that there is a great bar at the top of a multi-storey car park in Peckham, your reaction is probably mixed between wondering who on earth came up with that idea, but also feeling curious about what it’s like and thinking about how you can incorporate a trip there into your plans for next weekend. And when it starts to sink in that the bar is in Peckham, the wackiness begins to make sense.

Just finding the bar is an experience in itself. It’s on the 10th floor of the car park, but in order to reach it, you must climb up the stairs to the sixth storey, and then walk through the car park and past all the cars to the entrance ramp to the bar. The whole way, I was wondering whether I was in the right place and if the bar really did exist, or if I’d just been set up for a tour of a skanky car park.

The unhelpful lack of signposting gave the impression that Ben and I were going somewhere secret and unknown. So when we finally reached the top, it was a reward to see the fabulous views of London and the cider on tap!

Floor art

On the final floor on the way up, ‘Bold Tendencies’ had an art exhibition, and there were some huge canvases and installations to look at. On the floor of a car park is not the place that you expect to be admiring art work! But, a bar hidden at the top of one isn’t exactly your standard type of watering hole either, so I shouldn’t really have been surprised!

And I’d been looking for my hair extensions everywhere!
Art, and the Shard

I was wowed by the bar (when we finally reached it).

It was a really big area, with a long bar, and long benches and tables running along one side of the roof. The other side was open space, and children were running up and down and riding their scooters about on it. I bet it also acts as a great overflow area for when the bar gets busy!

The real wow factor was the view. You could see the sights of London from the O2 arena in the east to the London Eye and Westminster in the west. Looking at the view, you could easily be fooled into thinking that London was set out in a straight line, because you could see all the major landmarks in a row.

A car park with a view
Making shadows

The bar served cocktails and beer, and food during the summer. As I went on the last day that it was open this summer, the kitchen wasn’t open, but the menu looked quite good!

Frank’s was a great place to go for a drink on a sunny day, and I think it would be really easy to pass an afternoon there by taking in the view and working your way through their cocktail menu!

Aperol spritz with a view
Pay and display?

It seemed to be popular for families too – and there can’t be many bars in London with that much parking on offer!

Plenty of spaces!
Last day of summer!

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