From looking at the dark, bar-like exterior of Mommi from the high street, you would think that it was a burger or steak restaurant with a strange name. I was very surprised when I looked at the menu, and it turned out to be sushi, chicken and fish.

Sushi kitchen
Hot and cold

I went to Mommi mid-week with Harriet, because we fancied something different to the standard burger chains in Clapham. We sat next to the open kitchen on a bar around the outside if it.

The waitress advised us that the food was meant to be shared, and it was served in courses, starting with the ‘Raw bar’, then the ‘Robara Grill’ and finishing with the ‘Hot Kitchen’ plates.

We completely forgot about this once we’d looked at the menu, and went for a selection of all three courses to share between us.


I started with a dish from the Raw Bar: Sea bass, salmon and pisco sour ceviche. It came served raw and cold, like a salad. It was only when this first dish arrived that we realised that the food was meant to be served in courses! We promptly ushered the waitress over and explained our error, and luckily she arranged for the rest of the food to arrive together so we could share it.

The ceviche was marvellous; it was my kind of meal and it was easy to eat with chopsticks. Harriet wasn’t too keen on the slithers of raw fish that were hidden amongst the vegetable slices, so I ate this dish all to myself… Hard times.

Chewy chicken

To share, we ordered Chicken terriaki with grilled spring onions, lemon zest and quinoa lime picante, and Sea bass with pink cauliflower purée, cucumber, smoked anticucho salsa and ama-su cauliflower.

The Chicken terriaki was slightly disappointing because it was quite fatty and hard to chew. But the Sea bass was really tasty and meaty and I liked the combination of cauliflower with it! I probably wouldn’t order chicken again; fish seems like the way to go with Mommi.


All the dishes were presented really nicely, and I think that Harriet’s choice was the most colourful. She had the Salmon with beetroot purée, amu-su salsa, baby watercress and crispy beetroot.

Sea bass

We could barely finish four dishes between the two of us, so we laughed at how when we sat down the waitress had recommended that we should order three each! Four was plenty, as the plates were larger than you would expect.

Mommi was a really nice place to go for a catch up with a friend and food that was a bit different. I think it would be a good choice for a date, where you could share food and watch it being made, and because it’s slightly unusual it would be quite memorable!

Get barred

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